Renault CAPTUR E-TECH Plug-in hybrid
Renault’s flagship SUV now with a plug-in hybrid

Whenever you want
Captur E-Tech plug-in hybrid allows you to switch to pure electric driving.

Captur E-Tech plug-in hybrid: Revolutionising the CAPTUR

Unprecedented driving pleasure
The responsiveness of electric in a hybrid car? This is the guarantee of your Captur E-Tech plug-in hybrid, it demonstrates unprecedented versatility and offers the best of both worlds. Your vehicle starts just as silently and accelerates just as quickly as a fully electric vehicle, offering you maximum driving experience.

Adapted to your lifestyle!
Pick your driving mode to your preference with Captur E-Tech plug-in hybrid. Thanks to its double electric motor, you can roam the city in full-electric mode, then switch to hybrid for your weekend getaway. A solution for all your journeys!