From €39,995

Fully electric family car
We have reinvented the car for life and living, designed to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of your whole family. It is easy to find your way with the openR link system with Google integrated¹ and more than 50 apps². In terms of driving, the 100% electric powertrain offers a driving range of up to 625 km³. Developed sustainably, Scenic E-Tech 100% electric is built using recycled materials⁴ and is 89% recyclable⁵ Packed with performance, responsiveness and innovative technologies.

220 hp

E-Tech 100% electric powertrain⁶

up to

625 km

driving range⁷

30 min

to recover 2 hours of motorway driving⁸

89 %


774 cm²

two openR screens

+50 apps

openR link system with Google built-in¹⁰


safety systems

545 L

boot capacity¹¹

recycled and recyclable
89% recyclable vehicle
Zero leather in the cockpit and 100% recycled materials for the seats¹². In the cockpit, 26% of the materials are recycled¹³. The battery itself is eco-designed¹⁴ to facilitate its repair and recycling.

cutting-edge technology
E-Tech 100% electric motor
The new electric platform has a built-in battery and very low centre of gravity. Combined with the 220 hp electric motor¹⁵, this guarantees that Scenic E-Tech 100% electric drives smoothly, efficiently and silently.

“Hey Google, show me charging points along my route”
real-time navigation, voice control and more than 50 apps¹⁹ discover openR link with Google built-in and Renault connected services.