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Original Equipment (OE) parts are factory original Renault car and van parts. All OE parts are purpose-built to meet the exact specifications of Renault vehicles, meaning you are guaranteed a fit first time. This can save you valuable time.

Entrusting us with your vehicle means benefiting from many guarantees:

  • 350 real crash tests and over 4,500 virtual tests performed every year
  • 700 patent applications every year to provide parts at the forefront of technology
  • 600 engineers and technicians who oversee the choice of materials, of manufacturing processes and test methods
  • A perfect geometry, giving optimum aesthetics, aerodynamics and optimum assembly time during repairs.
  • One-year parts and labour warranty
  • A twelve-year warranty for panelwork parts

A team of specialist technicians will take care of your vehicle to offer you the most appropriate solution. You will, therefore, be guaranteed a perfect result.

Warning, danger: Counterfeits!

In the automotive field, it is not necessarily you as the owner of the car who decides on and chooses the parts which will be fitted to your car. The repairer often makes this choice for you: he may decide to use parts of lower quality or that are even illegal. It is possible that your vehicle is fitted with counterfeit parts without your knowledge.

 Glaring headlamps, less resistant bumpers, prematurely rusty bodywork parts, unevenly distributed welds, inefficient filters, brake pads that don’t brake as well, etc. With a quality that is often lower and illegal, counterfeit parts may present safety risks.

In order to be certain to have genuine parts, simply visit a garage in the Renault network.


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